Company born of passion for Porsche brand

Classic Expert is a company specialized in selling original parts for both new and classic Porsche models.

Our Company is headquartered in Warsaw at Parowcowa 8E street.

Our online store is created by a group of Porsche lovers. This brand attracts connoisseurs of luxury vehicles with a rich and at the same time comfortable interior. The German company which is manufacturing Prosche now puts on sport and exclusive passenger cars.

In our online store we have gathered the most needed and most desirable parts of the 356 (1950-1965), 911 (1965-2017), Boxster (1997-2017), Cayman (2006-2017), Panamera (2009-2017), Macan (2014- 2017) and Cayenne (2003-2017).

We offer original: headlamps, turn signals, tires, rims and other necessary things dedicated brand Porsche, indispensable for safe driving.

At every stage of your purchase, you will receive professional help from us, and our expert will answer every Porsche brand question.

Choose a trust worth company

The Porsche brand has gained so much popularity among enthusiasts of good driving not without the reason. The car has a large rear wheels, which are effectively gripping the car to the road, so it easily maintains grip on the road and reacts even to the slightest steering wheel movement. Definitely it has a positive effect on driving safety.
The brand also attracts fans of speed. Amount of horse power in some models exceeds even 300 horses.

This luxury car suffer from poor copies in both car and parts to it.

Therefore it is important that parts for Porsche are purchased only in reliable and trustworthy locations.

We always focus on honesty, integrity and transparent sales rules.


Our mission is to meet the needs and expectations of our Customers by delivering original parts to new and classic Porsche cars. We share our love and passion for this brand, so we are happy to serve you with advice and assistance in the field of motoring.

We are aware that Our Customers are connoisseurs of good taste. Having a luxury car is an element of our common passion for things of the highest quality.

As a shop specializing in selling genuine Porsche parts, we want to share our expertise by advising on the selection of the right parts.

We are continually adjusting the offer to the needs of our Clients and dynamically changing market. We keep an eye on and get to know all the new developments in the automotive industry, especially in the area of ​​new and refurbished Porsche models.


Being aware of the fact that the development of our company has a real impact on the nearest environment. That’s why when we are making key decisions we are always guided by the welfare of the local community

It is essential for us that our products are always the highest quality. We believe that, in this way, we offer safe driving.

In the future, we intend to extend our business spectrum and deliver products on a larger scale.


We are constantly striving to acquire loyal customers, because we rely on long-term relationships. Honesty, reliability and responsibility guarantee building a stable relationship with Customers.

We are working on a strong financial position that will guarantee a harmonious and dynamic development of the company and will allow for further expansion on the market.

We want to maintain the highest quality of the services we provide that we can achive.

In the nearest future we intend to increase the number of trainings for our employees. We focus on the development of human competence. We know that in the organization the most important pieces are people.